Stephanie Pan

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Music composition

Pills To Purge Melancholy

Pills To Purge Melancholy – a twisted-folk experiment in accessibility. Pure songs, sad songs, mad songs, weird songs; treatises in subtlety designed to thwart and relieve bouts of melancholy and loneliness, expressed through a unique instrumentation: toy zither, mini Casio, the gifted voice of Stephanie Pan, joined by old friends and colleagues, musical masterminds, Sasha…

Our Lady of Late – for voice and wineglass (2006)

Our Lady of Late is a study on the use of the voice as a pure and primitive expressive instrument, stripped of the layers and conventions established by culture and society that mask our attempts to communicate. The performance incorporates both improvisations inspired by and excerpts from the 16-movement piece by Meredith Monk of the…