Stephanie Pan

Tag: pop

Pop and experimental pop works

Rochester – A cabaret/lounge Baroque music performance (2011)

Rochester is a cabaret/lounge Baroque music performance which sets to music the epic, obscene poetry of John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester, in a contemporary, experimental and absurdist mishmash of traditional Baroque music and contemporary pop music, on a backdrop of burlesque bal masque. In setting these texts, Ms. Pan has drawn on her own…

Pills To Purge Melancholy

Pills To Purge Melancholy – a twisted-folk experiment in accessibility. Pure songs, sad songs, mad songs, weird songs; treatises in subtlety designed to thwart and relieve bouts of melancholy and loneliness, expressed through a unique instrumentation: toy zither, mini Casio, the gifted voice of Stephanie Pan, joined by old friends and colleagues, musical masterminds, Sasha…