Stephanie Pan

Arbitrary Failures – hybrid CGI video

Arbitrary Failures – a new collaborative video artwork by Madhouse Heaven, Stephanie Pan and Ensemble Klang
Arbitrary Failures is an ode to the freedom that comes through anonymity, the freedom of not being observed, of being invisible. These notions are often associated with neglect, and in turn with isolation and loneliness. While this is certainly true in part, Arbitrary Failures offers a counterpoint to that perspective. The piece explores this strange sense of freedom, a freedom that is both lonely and empty but truly liberating in its absence of witnesses.

This new video work was created completely remotely, with individual audio and video parts recorded separately and in isolation.

This victory tastes like
anonymous freedom
freedom through neglect
Non-visible wound
Non-divisible coalition
Paternalistic ballistics
This air breathes like
nebulous gray matter
Arbitrary failures
Sing me a song
about vacant spaces
about vacuum’s inattentiveness



Video by Madhouse Heaven

‘Arbitrary Failures’ Music and text by Stephanie Pan

Performed by Stephanie Pan & Ensemble Klang

Stephanie Pan: vox, synths
Michiel van Dijk & Erik-Jan de With: saxophones
Anton van Houten: trombone
Joey Marijs: percussion
Vitaly Medvedev: backing vox, synths
Saskia Lankhoorn: backing vox, keys
Pete Harden: electric guitar

Audio mixed and mastered by Stelios Manousakis

Video made possible with support from Stroom Promise

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