Stephanie Pan


A small selection of the videos you can find on this website.

Crashtest – from the album “The Art of Doing Nothing” with Ensemble Klang @ Korzo Theatre, Den Haag, NL, recorded at Musical Utopias Festival (2024)

I have missed you forever

[Collective Works] @ Dutch National Opera (2022)

Arbitrary Failures – from the album “Have Robot Dog, Will Travel” with Ensemble Klang (2020)

Beast – 360° Video by Madhouse Heaven, Music by Stephanie Pan (2019)

Dramayama (Trailer) – film by Jeanette Groenendaal (2022)

Music by Stelios Manousakis & Stephanie Pan

On Handstands by Stephanie Pan, with Ensemble Klang @ Paard van Troje (2018) (excerpt)

Residue by Stephanie Pan, with Ensemble Klang @ Paard van Troje (excerpt) (2018)

Implosion by Stephanie Pan @ Modern Body Festival 2016 (excerpts)

Song For Being Alone by Stephanie Pan, with Rosa Ensemble @ Rasa Utrecht (2013)

Our Lady Of Late by Stephanie Pan @ STEIM Amsterdam (2009)

Center no Distractor

That which is swan and ivy @ Modern Body Festival 2014

That which melts is exaggerating @ Modern Body Festival 2014

Live @ Blikopener / Museum Night festival 2013

Trash Cuisine (trailer) by Belarus Free Theatre (2012)

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