Stephanie Pan


A collection of reviews on Stephanie Pan’s works and performances

Review for I have missed you forever, a production from Dutch National Opera

‘…The climax comes early in the performance. Stephanie Pan, composer and performer, lies on her back. Three dogs bark at her, accompanied by menacing brass. But then she straightens up and parries the threat with an anger aria annex empowerment song. Great is it, how she transforms in that scene – also lyrically impressive – into something undeniably powerful.’

NRC Handelsblad

Reviews for Have Robot Dog, Will Travel by Stephanie Pan

‘The most breathtaking work of 2018!’
#1 Avant-Garde Album of 2018
Skug (AT) – Alfred Pranzl

‘… a musical cyborg… Virtual reality for the ears. You’ll fall in love with it instantly.’
Gonzo(circus) (BE/NL) – Rene van Peer

‘New paths to songwriting: electronic sounds, daring, experimental, contemporary classical, drone and (very vaguely) pop, voice and avant garde theater…’
Blow Up (IT) – Stefano I. Bianchi

‘…a tremendous scenic impact modulated between extreme vocals, audio experimentation and performance art…’
Neural (IT)

‘AI becomes one with Pan’s soaring bel canto style, coaxing an eerie mysticism out of cold coding.’
The Wire (UK) – Claire Sawers

“It is a surprising musical journey with a singer who has an unmistakable style of her own. “ (BE) – Paul Van de Gehuchte

“The plunge is deep but the fact that she blends so many different aspects is really inspiring. Put this beautiful album close to AGF, Tujiko Noriko, 4AD projects, Malka Spigel and many other inspiring women.”
Felthat Reviews – Hubert Heathertoes

“…she delivers an extraordinary album in the field of electronic music and vocal art, which is also fitting for Artrock and Artpop fans.” (DE) – Wolfgang Kabsch

Review for Wormsongs by Henry Vega at MATA Festival

“…stunningly performed…”
New Music USA

Reviews for Trash Cuisine with Belarus Free Theatre

“…a tremendous solo…”
The Observer (UK) – Susannah Clapp

“An astonishing sequence sees a comedian [Pan] impersonate various methods of execution, culminating in an imitation of an electric chair in waves of looped screams that howl in your ears like harmonic storms”
Exeunt (UK) – Stewart Pringle

“…her screams – perfectly, agonisingly pitched…”
The Londonist (UK) – Belinda Liversedge

“…Stephanie Pan, who shines in several roles…”
Telegraph (UK) – Charles Spencer

Review for Your Are Here: by Stephanie Pan at Rewire Festival

“…compelling multimedia performance…”
The Quietus (UK) – Joe Snape

Review for Staging A Revolution: I’m with Banned in London with David Gilmour, Pussy Riot and more

“The night started with Stephanie Pan’s impressive drum solo”
Rebel Music Magazine (UK) – Gessica Puglielli

Review for Never The Foxes

“… and Pan – who also sings, plays and creates gloriously noisy soundscapes with feedback, loops and a floating drum ”
the public reviews (UK) – Peter Jacobs

Review for STEIN with POW Ensemble

Singer and keyboard player Stephanie Pan is a powerful soprano, who ably sings and declaims the frequently incomprehensible texts from Gertrude Stein”
Jazznu (NL) – Rinus van der Heijden

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