Stephanie Pan

Select the Right Location – Anna Moreno

Movie by Anna Moreno (33′)

Select the Right Location is a theatre piece. In the plot, a city is flooding and five artists seek shelter on the contemporary art museum’s rooftop. Each one of them has saved one valuable object from the flood, which is symbolic to the kind of artist that saved it and to the main topics discussed in the play. The artists are waiting for the flood to pass and meanwhile, they talk about their present -and future- situation. At one point, the occupation of the museum becomes a plausible possibility. The artists, then, decide to stay in the museum.

Alongside the live performance of the play, the work is presented as a video-installation: A film version of the play, a publication containing the script, and the objects displayed on the same props used in the theatre. All action happens in front of a Green Chroma background that remains unedited. The possibility to virtually change the background where the action takes place refers directly to the title: Select the Right Location. Where to locate the action remains then a responsibility of the viewer, unavoidably identified with the situation. Leaving the background un-edited, provokes to viewer to project the location where they imagine this situation could take place.


Stephanie Pan
Tycho Plooyer
Michael Schnörr
Esther Mugambi
Anne Gehring

Soundtrack: Stephanie Pan
Production: Sharelly Emmanuelson
Camera and art direction: Tomek Sakowski
Sound: Sharelly Emmanuelson
Editing and post-production: Anna Moreno
Costume Design and make-up: Mai Marie Choon Dijksma
Casting: Anna Moreno & Sharelly Emmanuelson

Photos by: Samira Damato

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