Stephanie Pan

Sensing Sound exhibition @ Musical Utopias #2

Sensing Sound is a sound art exhibition exploring augmented sound perception. It features participatory and interactive works by Alina Ozerova, Stelios Manousakis, and Yolanda Uriz Elizalde. Curated by Stephanie Pan and Stelios Manousakis.

The exhibition is part of the program of Musical Utopias #2: A festival of Sonic Embrace (20-21 December 2019) and is made possible with the collaboration of Ensemble Klang, Korzo theater, and STEIM.

Go to the Modern Body Festival website for more information.

About Musical Utopias #2: A festival of Sonic Embrace

Musical Utopias explores humankind’s relationship to society, the environment, and social and political activism. The upcoming second edition looks optimistically into the future, focusing on self-reflection and inner clarity that drives a sharper broader perception. The program reaches across multiple genres: expect profound sound meditation, deep and dark sonic baths, award-winning documentary films, contemporary music, minimalism, electronica, installations and ritualistic dance grooves.

Photos by Lam Lai & Alina Ozerova:

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