Stephanie Pan

Mixtape – for voice, autoharp, taiko, Nebulophone, Bleep Drum, Korg Monotron and looper

A Mixtape is a performance for voice, autoharp, taiko, Nebulophone and Bleep Drum (Arduino-based synths), Korg Monotron, and looper. Taking the form of a mixtape as its inspiration, this performance is a live mashup of intimate songs with dirty, gritty electronics, physicality and athleticism. Moving fluidly or jarringly, it is an unrelenting performance for the eyes and ears, in which a solo performer creates a multi-layered wall of sound, playing a broad variety of instruments and synthesizers. The piece is a contemporary collision of genres, of nearness and distance, an intimate communication from one to many. Physical, powerful and autonomous, yet vulnerable, but never weak or helpless, it suggests a model of modern feminism – the artist’s search for meaningful liberation as a woman, a maker, an individual.

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