Stephanie Pan

Algorithmic Knitting Design

Algorithmic Knitting Design is a project by Stephanie Pan integrating fashion design, knitting and algorithmic thinking into the development of a large collection of handknitting patterns for wearable attire, available to general public. With the project she is developing a growing collection of knitwear patterns that incorporate algorithmic computing and digital aesthetics into their designs.

She works in collaboration with artist / programmer Stelios Manousakis, artist / software developer Jan Tr├╝tzschler von Falkenstein and with architect / designer Weihaw Wang. This project seeks to present traditional handicrafts, and specifically knitting, as applied science and mathematics, and take a step in updating the aesthetics, sensibilities and possibilities within the global knitting community, through technology.

View, download and purchase available patterns on Ravelry.

This project is made possible through support from Stimuleringsfonds Creative Industries.

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