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Follow by Igor C. Silva

Who makes the news? You do. By clicking and sharing, your zeroes and ones determine what stories you see and which you don’t. But whose stories can you trust? Composer Igor C. Silva and writer Aaron Landsman explore the shifty language of truth in Follow, a multi-layered work, featuring video and electronics, performed by Stephanie Pan and Ensemble Klang.

News travels fast: it accelerates, goes viral, and soon nobody has control of it anymore. We swipe and follow and try to reflect how it connects to us. How does it feel to chase a truth, find it, lose it, and lose yourself in the process? In Follow, voices, sounds and lights ricochet, in a dizzying spectacle, enveloping the audience in waves.

In his virtuoso compositions, Silva captures the chaotic time in which we live. During performances Silva strives for total experiences that stimulate all the senses. In his Follow, the listener is swept along by a dizzying tornado of voices, sounds and lights. Physical, contemporary music in which Ensemble Klang can lose all its energy. Silva’s music is tailor-made for vocalist and composer Stephanie Pan from The Hague. In her own theatrical, intense performances, she flaunts the conventions of voice performance and language art with panache. Pan previously worked with the Rosa Ensemble and the Veenfabriek. Together with Ensemble Klang, Pan realized several projects, including the video artwork Arbitrary Failures.

Igor C. Silva – music & video
Aaron Landsman – text
Stephanie Pan & Ensemble Klang – performance

Follow is a co-production of Ensemble Klang, Gaudeamus, Miso Music and Korzo, and is made possible with financial support from Performing Arts Fund NL, Gemeente Utrecht, Gemeente Den Haag, and the Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds (Reinbert de Leeuw Fonds).

Photo: Michel Mees

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