Stephanie Pan

Beast 360° VR

A 360° virtual reality video by Madhouse Heaven for ‘Beast’ from Stephanie’s album ‘Have Robot Dog, Will Travel’

The video can be experienced via Youtube on your tablet or smartphone, preferably in combination with VR glasses.

Stephanie Pan’s album Have Robot Dog, Will Travel, is a song cycle for the technological age, an ode to abstraction and ambiguity. The epic “Beast”, from the album, is based on a text generated by a machine learning software in collaboration with artist Tivon Rice. Trained for the occasion in the voice of Italo Calvino to describe images related to the texts of the rest of the album, and edited by Pan to its current state, it is an abstraction of an abstraction. Inspired by the idea of this meta abstraction, Madhouse Heaven has created a 360 VR video for ‘Beast’, another interpretative layer of hallucination. The video premiered at Gaudeamus Music Week during Senses Working Overtime exhibition.


Video: Madhouse Heaven

Music: Stephanie Pan

Text: Stephanie Pan and Tivon Rice, using Neural Storyteller

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