Stephanie Pan

Facts to Suit Theories – Stelios Manousakis (2009)

A 30′ minute open work for voice, zither, wine glasses, loopstation and live electronics.

Stelios Manousakis: Composition, Programming, Live electronics
Stephanie Pan: Voice, Zither, Wineglasses, Loopstation

Facts To Suit Theories is a 5-part open composition exploring the continuum between composition and improvisation. The overall structure of the piece and of each part is pre-defined, but its actualization allows for the inclusion of spontaneous ideas and their development according to the compositional framework. Every performance is unique, with its own particular qualities and micro-moods, while retaining the formal outline of the composition.

Facts To Suit Theories is conceived as both a piece and a live-set, merging approaches and vocabularies from the worlds of concert music and ‘underground’ performance. It unfolds slowly with adjacent parts merging together within a continuous flow, gradually shifting back and forth between drones, feedback, no-input noise, lyric passages and modal song.

The piece developed collaboratively through workshop sessions. It premiered in Seattle, USA, in 2009.

Video-stills by Tivon Rice

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