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Modern Body Laboratory #1: Alan Turing – Artificial Intelligence and Immortality

Modern Body Festival invited Stichting ARTEk to present an evening symposium on Alan Turing.

Turing is considered the father of computer science and a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence and encryption. A panel of experts investigate his immense influence on our way of life, and speculate on the more obscure motivations behind his work and how they relate to ideas on transhumanism, cybersecurity, and gay rights.

The symposium is the latest stage in ARTEk’s opera production SECRETLY. The opera focuses on the life of Alan Turing, and aims to find deeper insight into a deeply influential figure who left very little evidence regarding his beliefs, desires and intentions, in both science and spirituality.

Writer Georg Hobmeier will create the libretto based on the symposium discussions, so please join us with your thoughts and questions and become part of the creation process!

Bennie Mols
Georg Hobmeier
Mirjam Van Reisen
Pieter van Engelen

15 Nov 2017


Commissarissenzaal, Het Nutshuis, Den Haag

Free Admission

For more information, go here.
For impressions from the event, go here.

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