Stephanie Pan

Sightless Seeing #2: Tessels Oogh – Sarah van Lamsweerde

During the performance ‘Tessels Oogh’, by Sarah van Lamsweerde, the audience is sensorily transported back to 1566, the year in which the Oude Kerk fell victim to the iconoclastic fury. As the Oude Kerk gradually falls dark in the evening, memories of these times are reawakened. Objects that were destroyed and stories that have fallen into obscurity are brought back to life, in this ‘nocturnal wandering’ employing sound rather than visible means.

Made for Nachtelijke Dwaling #11, Oude Kerk Amsterdam.

The performance is accessible for both seeing and visually impaired public.

Concept and direction: Sarah van Lamsweerde
Development, music and performance: Stephanie Pan
Guides: Leroy de Böck, Tanguy le Breton, Marjanne Geurtsen, Alicia Hoost

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