Stephanie Pan

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Modern Body Festival

The Modern Body platform examines the nature of our current existence through thematic events that curate experiences – physical, visceral, immersive and intimate.

We seek the modern body within the new worlds that emerge when different artforms intersect, collide, and modulate each other.

Pills To Purge Melancholy

Pills To Purge Melancholy – a twisted-folk experiment in accessibility. Pure songs, sad songs, mad songs, weird songs; treatises in subtlety designed to thwart and relieve bouts of melancholy and loneliness, expressed through a unique instrumentation: toy zither, mini Casio, the gifted voice of Stephanie Pan, joined by old friends and colleagues, musical masterminds, Sasha…

Computer Aided Breathing

Kirstin Gramlich: pipe organ and keyboards: Stelios Manousakis: programming and live electronics Stephanie Pan: voice, electronics, instruments Computer Aided Breathing is a trio formed in 2006 and devoted to the many different shades of live improvisation, from totally free to compositionally guided. The three members met while studying at the Koninklijk Conservatorium, The Hague, the Netherlands, where…

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