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Works with Belarus Free Theatre

Staging a Revolution – Belarus Free Theatre

Belarus Free Theatre presents a two-week Festival of performances and discussions in London featuring some of our most acclaimed original productions, reinvigorated classics and the world premiere of our brand new work, Time of Women. We have spent the past decade excavating taboos on the world stage alongside launching transnational campaigns in defense of freedom…

Trash Cuisine – Belarus Free Theatre

Welcome to the Capital Punishment Café! Our chef’s specials today include electrocution, hanging and lethal injection. And save some room for dessert, because we’ve got firing squad and stoning. Can I take your order? Belarus Free Theatre serve up food, music, dance and Shakespeare as they share true stories from inmates, executioners, human rights lawyers…

Eurepica. Challenge. – Belarus Free Theatre (2010)

Eurepica. Challenge. is an attempt to create a new European epic using contributions from playwrights from 14 countries (Sweden, UK, Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Poland, the Ukraine, Germany, Romania, Macedonia, France, Spain and the USA) on the main challenge for their states. Promising an unsettling, whistlestop tour around the world, Eurepica.Challenge. sheds a compellingly honest…

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