Stephanie Pan

Voice acting

How do you read – Sharon Houkema (2020)

Video work by Sharon Houkema (8’29”)

“How do you read” poetically evokes the spirit of the former NATO bunker 5VEP in Arnhem, NL. During the Cold War 5VEP functioned as a booster station to control the pressure on a secret network of fuel pipelines, spanning from the North Sea coastline well into Germany. The video does not set out to tell 5VEP’s history, but concentrates on the harmful ways in which this history is still alive today: from the toxins used in the construction, to the effects of military fossil fuel use on climate. 

Concept, video and text: Sharon Houkema

Voice: Stephanie Pan

Audiotour by Tjitske Mussche:
Lily van der Stokker exhibition at Stedelijk Museum (2018)

Listen to Lily van der Stokker explain her work in the exhibition Friendly Good. In each room she speaks about a specific work in her exhibition.

This audio tour was made by Tjitske Mussche / Radiomakers Desmet. Music Bio Unit.

English language voice of Lily van der Stokker: Stephanie Pan

Commissioned by Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

Audiotour by Tjitske Mussche:
Amsterdam, The Magic Center exhibition at Stedelijk Museum (2018)

This audio tour was made by Tjitske Mussche / Radiomakers Desmet. Music Bio Unit.

English language narration: Stephanie Pan

Commissioned by Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Calefax Hidden Gems app:
Radiomakers Desmet – Marije Schuurman-Hess (2018)

Calefax and Radiomakers Desmet have created a musical treasure hunt through the city with poetic storytelling. This audiotour is accessible by downloading the free Hidden Gems app, and is available in Dutch or English. The tour is available in six cities: Amsterdam, Groningen, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Delft and Nijmegen. It begins at the central train station and takes you past 5 different places in the city, indicated in the app. Dependent on your walking speed, the route takes around 1.5 hrs. 

You can download the free Hidden Gems app by visiting the Calefax website. 

The Hidden Gems app was made by Calefax in collaboration with Echoes and Radiomakers Desmet.

Concept, script and editing: Marije Schuurman-Hess and Bente Hamel

Narration (Dutch and English): Stephanie Pan

Music performed by Calefax Reed Quintet

Mastering: Arno Peeters

‘Act so that there is no use in a centre’ by Stelios Manousakis (2014)

Interactive spatial radio play by Stelios Manousakis.

‘Act so that there is no use in a centre’ sets Rooms from Gertrude Stein’s seminal language-art book Tender Buttons as a distributed, radio-transmitted, interactive sound art installation. The work deals with fragmentation, interference, and distortion of memory, place, and meaning. It takes its name from the first sentence of the text, which also sets the tone for the visitor experience.

Watch a video excerpt here.

Concept, composition, interaction, sound design: Stelios Manousakis

Text: Gertrude Stein

Voice: Stephanie Pan

Performed by: Jelte van Andel (cello); Garth Knox (viola); Stelios Manousakis (digital & analog electronics, organs, harpsichord, foley); Stephanie Pan (voice, zither, wineglass); the world (soundscapes)

Een geval van omgekeerde zwaartekracht by Bente Hamel (2013)

Dutch language radioplay by Bente Hamel of Radiomakers Desmet. 

Eigentijds hoorspel over ruimteschroot, sirenenzang en de jacht op het allermooiste. De Vlaamse miljonair Luc du Pre raakt bezeten van het idee dat de planeten muziek maken, en laat zich lanceren in een afgedankte Russische raket. Sommige mensen hebben de neiging omhoog te vallen in plaats van naar beneden.

Listen here.

Text, direction and sound design: Bente Hamel

Performances by: Hendrik Aerts, Stephanie Pan, Erik van Muiswinkel

Music by Ernst Reijseger & Harmen Fraanje.

Originally broadcast on NTR Radio 4.

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