Stephanie Pan

De Kellner en De Levenden – Rosa Ensemble & Jan Jaap van der Wal (2010)


Music theater show in collaboration with comedian Jan Jaap van der Wal, based on the novel De Kellner en De Levenden by Simon Vestdijk.

In Vestdijks famous novel a group of travellers is assembled in a waiting lobby. The last judgement is near, their lives are being scrutinized. Jan Jaap van der Wal and the Rosa Ensemble were inspired by this story. De Kellner en de Levenden (“The Waiter and the Living”) is a piece about atonement, taking responsibility and making choices. Like the characters in Vestdijks novel Jan Jaap van der Wal was asked to confess his sins. He performs as he does best: snappy, critical and intelligent. The combination with Rosa’s music forms an unusual encounter: a sharp-witted, at times ominous, and humorous correlation between music theatre, comedy and literature, at the crossroad of these different disciplines.


With: Jan Jaap van der Wal, Stephanie Pan, Daniel Cross, Jeroen Kimman, Peter Jessen en Laurens de Boer

Idea: Daniel Cross
Director: Karina Kroft
Composition: Daniel Cross en Jeroen Kimman
Text: Annemarie Slotboom, Jan Jaap van der Wal, Simon Vestdijk

Decor: Annette Mosk,
Dramaturgy: Geert van Boxtel, Floortje Bakkeren
Technical production and sound: Thomas Koopmans
Light: Vincent Romijn

Performances: National theater tour throughout the Netherlands.

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