Stephanie Pan

You Are Here: a multi-media performance in three parts for performer, 10m dress, homemade taiko and chocolate cake (2010)

A carefully constructed miniature of the world; a piece where the performer as maker as performer controls all elements of the performance itself. You Are Here: is reality as a construction of the mind. More than theatrical acts, it is states of being, where nothing ‘happens’, but everything exists. It is alternatingly intimate and warm, intense and passionate, a piece in search of a way to belong together, to share together a moment, the meaning of ‘being alive,’ or at the very least, the search for such meaning.

Through text, music and sound written for voice, taiko, toy zither and live sampling; a live video feed of a lovingly prepared chocolate cake; a painstakingly and passionately self-constructed taiko, a process which took 1.5 years to complete; and a 10-meter dress, complete with 117 sitting places, made by the performer, to be inhabited by both the performer and the audience, You Are Here: offers a gently perverse perspective of the world.

You Are Here: is a state of existence.

Concept, music, text and performance by Stephanie Pan
Advice: Harco Haagsma and Snejanka Mihaylova
Taiko and taiko stand constructed by: Stephanie Pan & Arie Bults
Dress designed and constructed by: Stephanie Pan

A DasArts Production

with support from Zeebelt Theater

Download synopsis

Download technical rider

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