Stephanie Pan

Have Robot Dog, Will Travel – A song cycle for the technological age

A song cycle for the technological age. An ode to abstraction, to ambiguity, to words unsaid.


The Wire (England) – Claire Sawers
‘AI becomes one with Pan’s soaring bel canto style, coaxing an eerie mysticism out of cold coding.’

Skug (Austria) – Alfred Pranzl
skug’s #1 Experimental Album of 2018
‘The most breathtaking work of 2018!’

Gonzo(circus) (the Netherlands) – Rene van Peer
‘… a musical cyborg… Virtual reality for the ears. You’ll fall in love with it instantly.’

Blow Up (Italy) – Stefano I. Bianchi
‘New paths to songwriting: electronic sounds, daring, experimental, contemporary classical, drone and (very vaguely) pop, voice and avant garde theater…’

Neural (Italy)
‘…a tremendous scenic impact modulated between extreme vocals, audio experimentation and performance art…’

I love chaos, I love mess, human imperfection.

Have Robot Dog, Will Travel is a genre-bending mash up of sound, combining explosive vocals and lush melodies with dirty, gritty beats, noise, delicate drones and fragile landscapes. Manifold musical layers move independently of each other to create a constantly moving landscape, like little creatures on their own separate paths. In between experimental art pop / virtuosic extended voice / noise / participatory performance, the project appropriates digital aesthetics and sensibilities within the irregular and imperfect world of the human voice and analog instruments.

It is an intimate portrait on a rich bed of chaos and noise, with an instrumentarium composed of lo-fi electronics, baby synthesizers, toys and toy instruments, found objects, an autoharp, vintage keyboards, and vocal stylings that span pop music to experimental voice to belcanto singing.

Available at ARTEkSOUNDS, Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify

For the press kit, please click HERE.


All music composed and performed by Stephanie Pan
All texts by Stephanie Pan except Beast, by Stephanie Pan and Tivon Rice using Neural Storyteller

Produced by Henry Vega
Edited at ARTEk Studios
Mastered by Ludwig Maier
Artwork by Chaja Hertog

Project supported by Stichting ARTEk, Stichting Modulus, Creative Industries Fund Netherlands and Gemeente Den Haag

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