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Modern Body Festival 2018: ALIEN BODIES

Modern Body Festival examines the nature of our current existence through thematic editions that curate experiences – physical, visceral, immersive and intimate. We seek the modern body within the new worlds that emerge when different artforms intersect, collide, and modulate each other. We focus specifically in the open field that exists between artforms – new media, dance, music, installations, interactive art, performance, theater, architecture, robotics, bio-art, video art.

Everyone’s quick to blame the alien’
Aeschylus, The Suppliants (490BC)

With ALIEN BODIES, we want to seek, confront and empathize with the alien, whether that is our environment, ecosystem, other organisms (animals, plants, microorganisms), objects and matter, man-made technological aliens (robots, AIs and our algorithmic fabrications), the alienness of political, economical and cultural structures, or alien human beings in places near or remote who have become the invisible or undecipherable other. Especially in today’s climate, we feel it is of particular importance to address the idea of Alienness. People, communities, and nations are turning more and more solipsistic, enclosing themselves into bubbles of kinship and pushing away what is different, what is unknown.

MBF2018 ALIEN BODIES featured artists:
Rita Gobi (RS/HU) & Ryuji Yamaguchi (JO/JP), Meinhardt Krauss Feigl (DE), Moritz Simon Geist (DE), Julian Hetzel (DE/NL), Maria Molina Peiro (ES/NL), The Constitute (DE), Weihaw Wang (TW/UK/JP), Tivon Rice (NL/US), Hertog Nadler (NL/IL), Alina Ozerova (RU/NL), Sabina Hyoju Ahn (KR/AT), Natalia Papaeva (RU/NL), Alcaeus Spyrou (GR/NL), Erdem Tasdelem (TR/CA), ^ studio (RU/DE/CH), Enfant Terrible (NL), Phil Toffer (NL)

Find our more on the festival’s website.

Founded, directed and curated by Stelios Manousakis and Stephanie Pan

MBF2018 ALIEN BODIES: Weekend 2 – performances
MBF2018 ALIEN BODIES: Weekend 1 – Exhibition & Symposium

 Photos by Madhouse Heaven and Erin McKinney:

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