Stephanie Pan

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Navigation – Computer Aided Breathing (2008)

Navigation is a 40-minute, 6-part open composition for four pipe organs, celesta, harmonium, voice, wine-glass, loopstation and live electronics, written for the Computer Aided Breathing trio. It is a site-specific piece, created in and for the Orgelpark through an exploration of the potential of the space and its instruments during many workshop sessions. The piece…

Release: Fukuoka Method – Computer Aided Breathing (2007)

Debut CD release from experimental improvisation trio Computer Aided Breathing (Stephanie Pan/Kirstin Gramlich/Stelios Manousakis) on SevenInchRecordings [SIRcd002] Kirstin Gramlich: Emu B3 Hammond Stelios Manousakis: Live electronics, Programming, Compilation Stephanie Pan: Voice, Sampler Contact us for ordering a hand-made, limited edition (15eur + shipping).

Two Poems by E. E. Cummings – Stelios Manousakis (2006)

For Voice and Live Electronics (10′) Stephanie Pan: Voice Stelios Manousakis: Live Electronics E. E. Cummings: Texts This piece is a setting of two poems by Edward Estlin Cummings (1894-1962), an American poet, painter, essayist and playwright, best known for his poems and their unconventional use of language and writing. The two poems are characteristic of…