Stephanie Pan

Category: composer

Projects as composer

They Gather: Lost in Feeling

A mass public participation work for audience, community and artists exploring our need to connect to others, to be seen and to be heard, ‘Lost In Feeling’ re-imagines being in a large gathering (e.g. a demonstration, a celebration) where the self is both lost within and empowered by being part of a mass gathering. Occupying…

De Boekeling

Puppet theater show by TG Knars for children aged 2-5 Er was eens een boek… Ik wil er steeds weer inkijken, mijn favoriete boek. Het liefst zou ik het nooit meer dicht doen. Erin kruipen zoals een eekhoorntje in een boom. Soms maak ik spaghetti van de letters of trek ik thee van de bladzijde.…

Reformation – Jeanette Groenendaal (2011)

Music for a feature-length film by Jeanette Groenendaal Premiere: IDFA 2011 Synopsis At the age of seven, director Jeanette Groenendaal moved to a deeply religious village. It was the 1970s, and the girl’s arrival from the big city of Utrecht provoked fear in the hearts of the inhabitants of the small hamlet in the Dutch…

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