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Works with film

Orlacs Hände – Robert Wiene (2016)

Orlacs Hände, silent film by Robert Wiene (1924) Live music and soundscapes by Stephanie Pan (toy instruments, baby synths and objects) and Joris Weimar (prepared piano, clavichord and cello) for the Sounds of Silence Festival (6 February 2016) Reuniting the star and director of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The Hands of Orlac is a deliciously twisted…

Modern Body Festival

Art as research through experience What exactly is the ‘modern body’? We are inclined to think of our bodies as limited to what is contained within our own skin, but technology, philosophy, spirituality, religion, and science all challenge this idea. Modern Body Festival (MBF), an initiative organized by artists / makers / performers Stephanie Pan…

Reformation – Jeanette Groenendaal (2011)

Music for a feature-length film by Jeanette Groenendaal Premiere: IDFA 2011 Synopsis At the age of seven, director Jeanette Groenendaal moved to a deeply religious village. It was the 1970s, and the girl’s arrival from the big city of Utrecht provoked fear in the hearts of the inhabitants of the small hamlet in the Dutch…

Solitary Hotel (2007)

Silent film created for live synching with the piece “Solitary Hotel” by Samuel Barber, for voice and piano. Concept and Direction: Stephanie Pan Duration: 3’16”